Our projects is where we put the money that we make from our tours. It’s not that we don’t like doing tours - we love doing it - but we love even more when we get to spend that money with the community. When we can enjoy a sunny day with some elderly or give an opportunity for some kids to discover their own city, the smile on everyone’s faces is the reason why we make tours. With our actions we want to bring the benefits of tourism to the local community, offering the chance to enjoy the city and broadening horizons through learning and discovering it.


The first time we told them we were going to visit Lisbon their reaction was : “Lisbon?..but this is Lisbon”. Coming from a low-income neighborhood in the suburbs of the city, most of this kids had never been to the city center, had no idea about the cathedral or the narrow streets of Alfama. Therefore, Lisbon was not the city that they discovered but their neighborhood. This was an experience beyond any words and the first one for us. The one that made us understand how important this could be and the one that made us start this project. Just watch the video.


Coming outside of the suburban bubble to discover a city that usually they don’t even feel as theirs (as being part of underprivileged communities that can not afford to live in the city centre), stepping on beautiful, historical and touristic areas of the city can be a real eye-opening. Maybe it can be the chance to see new opportunities, the reason to think twice about dropping out of school or just the motivation to study a bit harder. The city is beautiful and full or energy, successful people and a lot of interesting projects and businesses to look at. .


As the hills and steep staircases of Lisbon are not wheelchair-friendly or in any way appealing when you are over 70s (or even when you are far under 70s), one can see some old people around the city but the majority of them - with no doubts - are at home or at a nursing home. That is why we take groups of elderly, from around the city center for a ride. Some have to visit their home neighborhoods while others have to visit parts of the city unknown for them, but we all have to look at the river and enjoy the outside air and a pastel de nata.


To show the city to someone that have other ways to see or have to find other ways to reach places where usually everyone can go is also a goal that we take as ours. People that are constantly put aside and constantly facing obstacles that no one pays attention to, are also part of the city and should enjoy it just like everyone else. This kind of people will always teach us more than we would ever expect to learn, in the end we are the ones thankful for the experience.


Have you ever wondered why some buildings in Lisbon are missing so many tiles? Or why can you go to the flea market and buy some beautiful tiles for less than 5 euros? In Lisbon there are tiles being stolen and later sold in “Feira da Ladra” (our Thieves’ Market). Please, do not support this kind of black market. If you want to buy tiles, here you have some links of projects we like - www.margaridamf.com and www.corticoenetos.com.


Lisbon Sustainable Tourism is supported by people like you. Check our facebook page to see all the actions that happened already and to keep updated on what’s happening next.
Without you all of this would not be possible. For that and for everything that is still to come - Obrigado!