As we were working in tourism one thought came to mind: If tourists and travelers can come to our city, to enjoy it and learn about it, why can not the people that are part of this city do the same?

Adding to that, we noticed that in Lisbon there are a lot of companies working with tourism and therefore, not only a lot of resources that could be used by locals as well but a whole industry profiting while the locals don’t often see the benefits of it.

While we noticed tourism could be both a solution and a problem we realised something - tourism needs to be more sustainable. What does this mean? It means locals should be as happy about tourism as the travellers that visit us, that everyone should gain from the benefits of it and that no social or economical “foot prints” should be left behind.

We are part of it and we feel like doing something about it. We feel it is about time for us (and anyone that would like to join us) to be more responsible and that is why we want to raise awareness and work to develop a responsible kind of tourism. One that is inclusive, that values and protects our beautiful local places, our amazing people and culture.

We believe tourism can do good but our city is not only for tourists, Lisbon is our home and we welcome you. Just do not forget - travel responsible or stay home.

Who We Are

We are a small, independent project made out of people that want to give something back to the city we love and to the people who live here. We do not get any governmental fundings (we don’t want it, thank you).

We are supported by other projects and associations. And as important as that, we are supported by people like you and by our own hearts.

Joana is the person that makes Lisbon Sustainable Tourism what it is - a dream coming true. She has been envolved in the project since the beggining of it and she will always be free to sit with anyone that wants to share ideas about it. She will be the one you will meet on the tours and the one that will be smiling together with the kids or the elderly of this city.

Bruno Gomes is the founder of one of the first tour companies in Lisbon - We Hate Tourism Tours. He started using the vans of his own company to give free rides to elderly and kids. By using the resources for tourists for the benefit of locals he was the first one giving back to the city. Bruno was the one that came up with the idea of Lisbon Sustainable Tourism but as he says, his grandpa is the responsible for it.

How Do We Get Money To Make Things Happen

• Through our Responsible Walking Tour
• By organising private tours and activities for companies
• By selling our Travel Responsible or Stay Home t-shirts
• From other Travel Responsible or Stay Home products you can find in some markets
• We get 2% of what our friends from We Hate Tourism Tours make from their tours


Lisbon Sustainable Tourism is supported by people like you. Check our facebook page to see all the actions that happened already and to keep updated on what’s happening next. Without you all of this would not be possible. For that and for everything that is still to come - Obrigado!